JAMO Studio8 Series



Leveraging Jamo design principles and the latest acoustic technology, the Studio 8 Series speakers deliver incredible, room-filling sound with a compact, elegant design.

Dolby Atmos ready speakers deliver sound that comes alive from all directions, including overhead, to fill any room with astonishing clarity, detail and depth

Dolby Atmos topper's metal feet innovatively align with patent-pending integrated conductive metal contacts on capable Tower and Bookshelf speakers, so the back of the topper has a clean design, free from any inputs or wires.

Magnetic grilles slide up on the S 809 and S 807 Tower speakers to align with Dolby Atmos Topper to create one continuous, clear line for a seamless appearance.

The Studio 8 slim subwoofers can be placed vertically or horizontally against the wall, or even on their side to be tucked out of sight underneath furniture.

Front-firing tube port allows for versatility in placement (in cabinets, against walls, etc.) and enhanced, cleaner bass response.

Studio 8 WaveGuide technology focuses high frequencies for dynamic, powerful sound.

All Studio 8 models are available in two finishes - Black and White.  Wood grain accents around the tweeters, at the bases and feet give a handcrafted, natural look.



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