Add the BP100 Battery Pack to the PULSE FLEX speaker and listen to music virtually wherever and whenever. The BP100 attaches to the back of the PULSE FLEX and offers up to six hours of listening on a single charge. Listen to music at the park with your smartphone, tablet or any Bluetooth-enabled device, or connect the battery-powered PULSE FLEX to your home network and listen wire-free anywhere in or outside the home.
Battery pack for PULSE FLEX, provides up to 6 hours listening on a single charge. Stream music via aptX Bluetooth, WiFi, or connect other devices via Hotspot mode.
  • Includes: 8 x rechargeable AA NiMH batteries
  • Battery Life: displayed in Player drawer of BluOS app.
  • Attachment: to rear of speaker, leaving access to inputs & outputs
  • Colours: Black, White • Dimensions / Weight: 82 W x 113 H x 27.5 D in mm, 0.32kg