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Hi-Fi Choice Review - C-stream Ethernet July 2014


( 0.75M - $80, 1.5M - $90, 3M - $110, 5M - $150, 10M - $200, 15M - $300, 20M - $400 )


 The C-stream cable perfectly illustrates the process used to develop and build every product that Chord produce.

Step one: Establish that streaming/Ethernet cables have an influence on sound quality. That’s the easy bit.  We collected several different types of streaming cables, Cat 5, 6, and 7 variants, took them into the Dem Room and listened.  We used different streamers, from entry level to high end and music at all available sample rates.

What we learned from this was that different cables did influence sound quality and that those differences could be heard on both entry level and high end equipment. They could also be heard on music at all sample rates.

We also learned that the direction in which the cable was connected had an influence on overall sound quality.

As a result of this we designed the Chord C-stream streaming cable. The C-stream is a very high quality Cat 7 specification cable; the contacts are gold-plated and the plug body is over-moulded, which provides excellent reliability and secure strain relief without deforming the cable and affecting performance.

Obviously any conventional streaming/Ethernet cable is going to work regardless of the direction it’s connected.  However the C-stream streaming cable is designed to be used as part of a music system and is directional, in that it will sound better when connected in a particular direction.  When installing a C-stream, look for a small black dot at one end of the cable; this is the end of the cable that should be connected to the source component.  For example, when used between a router and streamer, the plug with the black dot should be connected to the router.

The Sarum Super ARAY streaming cable replaces the Sarum Tuned ARAY cable.  Super ARAY technology was developed as a result of a better understanding of what Tuned ARAY was doing.  The improvements are profound and in many ways difficult to describe.

It comes down to talking about music rather than hi-fi and Super ARAY cables re-define and show just how much effect cables really have on the ultimate performance of a hi-fi system.

Everyone knows that changing analogue cables can improve the performance of a hi-fi system, and a lot of people realise that changing digital cables can really help to bring a system to a musical completeness.

A lot of the work we’ve done over the past decade has been about reducing electrical interference to a minimum, the reason being that where typically twenty years ago the average house was relatively free of interference sources, it isn’t any more.  High frequency effective shields are important, particularly if you wish to hear music in the way in which you were meant to.   

If you’re using a high performance streamer then the Sarum Super ARAY cable has to be worth trying.  Expensive?  Yes, but for a music lover who has invested heavily and is listening to high resolution music via a streamer - go have a listen.  The Sarum Super ARAY streaming cable may well be the missing link.

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