ACCUPHASE A-48 CLASS-A 45W/ch STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER ( Please call for Pricing )








The new class-A stereo power amplifier, A-48 is the replacement of A-47, and Accuphase has developed this new power amp for the first time in 4 years.

A-48 improves the low-noise characteristics with applying the discrete amps in signal input section equivalent to A-75. Also A-48 achieves the high output and constant voltage operation characteristic with the power amplifier configuration equivalent to A-75.

Super high damping factor is another important feature, this enables A-48 to easily drive any loud-speakers all over the world.


Class-A Power Amplifier

- Rated Output Power: 45W/8 ohm、90W/4 ohm、180W/2 ohm、320W/1 ohm

- Super high Damping Factor:800 (A-47: 600)

- The output stage also features the circuit configuration equivalent to A-75, which helps A-48 to stably drive the loud speakers under low-impedance load conditions.

- 6 parallel push-pull arrangement of Fairchild MOS-FETs are applied in the power amplifier modules.

- Newly-developed, massive high-efficiency toroidal power transformer

- Low on-resistance MOS-FET switches are installed (On-resistance A-47:2.3m ohm -> A-48:1.3m ohm)

- Two large 60,000uF filtering capacitors (A-47: 56,000uF)

- Net Weight: 33.0kg (A-4732.1kg)