Home Cinema Bonus Bundles

Offer valid 1st May - 30 June 2020

The days are getting shorter, Winter is on the way… it must be Home Cinema
We’re giving dealers and customers a reason to choose a Bowers & Wilkins
True Sound home cinema experience with these special bonus offers:

Upgrade your Cinema Pack with two additional channels
“Turn your 5.1 channel system into 7.1
at no extra cost”

Mini Theatre, 600 Series and 700 Series floor standing 5.1 channel Cinemas
will come with either

1 x Pr Bonus bookshelf speakers, OR 1 x Pr Bonus in ceiling speakers

600 Cinema will have the option of a bonus ASW610 subwoofer instead of
the bonus extra channels (Turn 5.1 into 5.2)

Mini Theatre and 600 Series 5.1 Cinemas PLUS the bonus

Generous Retail price Savings as follows:

Mini Theatre Cinemas up to $799

600 Series Cinema up to $1,099

700 Series Cinema up to $2,399