Avoid The Risk!
Purchase From an Authorised
Yamaha Online Audio Visual Dealer

Purchasing from an Authorised Yamaha Online Dealer means you are purchasing more than just a great Yamaha product, you are purchasing peace of mind. Yamaha Music Australia carefully selects dealers to ensure you, the customer, are being sold genuine Yamaha products from dealers that understand those products.

Yamaha Authorised Online Dealer

The Benefits of an Authorised Online Dealer

The clear benefits of purchasing from and Authorised Yamaha Online Dealer are you can be assured that:

• The product is a genuine Yamaha product

• The product is designed for the Australian market, complying with Australian standards and Australian safety regulations (and in respect of electronic goods, have the correct voltage)

• The product is covered by Yamaha Music Australia’s comprehensive express warranty (with serial numbers recorded) as well as consumer guarantees and other the protections provided under the Australian Consumer Law

• You will receive sales assistance and after sales service by Yamaha trained dealers who understand Yamaha products

• You will be able to access the Authorised Yamaha Service Centre, with technicians trained on Yamaha product

Be Aware of the Risks!

If you do not purchase from an Authorised Yamaha Online Dealer, there are significant risks, which could include:

• The product may not be a genuine Yamaha product,

• The sale may not be a genuine sale

• The product may not be designed to Australian Standards and Australian safety regulations, which could result in you not being insured for things such as fire should the product be found faulty

• Overseas models have different features to local models so the features that you have purchased the product for may not work in Australia

• Grey imports (and non genuine Yamaha products) are not covered by Yamaha Music Australia’s comprehensive express warranty

• You could have significant practical difficulties with return or exchange

So when shopping online look for the Yamaha Music Australia Authorised Online dealer logo

Yamaha Authorised Online Dealer

This logo ensures the online store is an Yamaha Authorised Online Dealer, so you can purchase with the peace of mind that you are receiving all of the benefits highlighted above, and avoiding the potential risks. 

Alternatively, there is a number of additional benefits that come from visiting the store of your local Yamaha authorised dealer. This includes the opportunity to experience our product and get face to face expert knowledge.

Beware: we have been made aware of an unlawful practice by some unauthorized online operators. It appears that they are advertising ‘Yamaha’ goods at specific prices (often heavily discounted) when in fact they do not have any such stock. Once customers contact these operators, they are offered alternative products (i.e. non Yamaha products). This practice is called ‘bait advertising’ and is prohibited under the Australian Consumer Law. If you become aware of this, please report it to our staff or the Australian Competition Consumer Commission.