BENQ W1700 True 4K UHD Projector with HDR UHD, REC.709, and 1.2x Zoom
BENQ W1700 True 4K UHD Projector with HDR UHD, REC.709, and 1.2x Zoom
BENQ W1700 True 4K UHD Projector with HDR UHD, REC.709, and 1.2x Zoom
BENQ W1700 True 4K UHD Projector with HDR UHD, REC.709, and 1.2x Zoom
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BENQ W1700 True 4K UHD Projector with HDR UHD, REC.709, and 1.2x Zoom
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BENQ W1700 True 4K UHD Projector with HDR UHD, REC.709, and 1.2x Zoom
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BENQ W1700 True 4K UHD Projector with HDR UHD, REC.709, and 1.2x Zoom
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BENQ W1700 True 4K UHD Projector with HDR UHD, REC.709, and 1.2x Zoom

BENQ W1700 True 4K UHD Projector with HDR UHD, REC.709, and 1.2x Zoom



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  • 4K UHD with Razor-Sharp True 8.3 Million Pixel Detail

  • Hyper-Realistic Video Quality with Projector-Optimized HDR

  • Rec. 709 HDTV Standard for Finest Cinematic Color Accuracy

Theater-Like Image Quality
4K UHD True 8.3 Million Pixel Perfection

Producing 4K UHD 3840x2160 resolution with 8.3 million distinct pixels for each frame, W1700 utilizes revolutionary 0.47” single-DMD DLP technology to minimize the projector’s sleek, compact profile for modern lifestyles. With four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p, 4K UHD reduces pixel blur for awe-inspiring clarity and crisply defined fine details.

Comparison between 4K UHD, Full HD, HD, and SD
comparison between 4K HDR and 1080p
Accurate Color and Image Integrity

With single DMD DLP technology to avoid inherent alignment issues of multiple panels, W1700 ensures immaculate image integrity and color accuracy. W1700 generates razor-sharp images and accurate colors devoid of artifacting such as blur, shadowing, and interference patterns for immaculate clarity.

Flawless Optics for Superb Image Quality

The BenQ 4K optical system uses only the highest grade glass for superior light penetration and realistic image quality. Proprietary low-dispersion lens coatings minimize chromatic aberration, so you can enjoy your favorite 4K UHD content in brilliant clarity.

Low Dispersion Lens

Non-Low Dispersion Lens

Low Dispersion


Hyper-Realistic Video Quality with HDR

Supercharged by HDR10 support with BenQ exclusive Auto HDR Color Rendition and Cinema-Optimized technology, W1700’s High Dynamic Range performance offers greater brightness, contrast range, and image optimization in a single step, bringing out every detail in 4K video content for superior cinema enjoyment.


Auto HDR Natural Color Rendition for Lifelike Color Realism

Unlike other HDR projectors with biased color temperature and oversaturated greens and reds, BenQ Auto HDR Natural Color Rendition technology unleashes breathtaking 4K HDR visuals with perfectly lifelike color performance automatically tuned to reflect nature.

BenQ HDR Projector


Cinema-Optimized HDR Performance Preserves Dark Details in Total Clarity

While other HDR projectors can lose details and display incorrect greyscales, BenQ features cinema-optimized HDR technology to perfectly balance color saturation and rich color scale, preserving dark details in total clarity.

BenQ HDR Projector


BenQ CinematicColor™ Technology
See the Wonders with CinematicColor™

Enhancing optimal colors for precise picture quality, CinematicColor™ technology delivers Rec.709 HDTV color accuracy, RGBRGB color wheel technology, and high native ANSI contrast ratio to ensure incredible image performance with crisp visuals and sharp details for your home cinema enjoyment.

CinematicColor™ for Colors as Directors Envisioned
Only True Colors Convey Deep Feelings

True colors evoke feelings of sorrow, joy, romance and thrills by preserving the original image. BenQ home cinema projectors embody our belief to “Convey the truest color and impart the deepest feelings to the viewer.” Our THX and ISF dual-certified engineers lead the CinematicColor™ technology team of experts to deliver Rec.709 HDTV standard color coverage for perfect color consistency.

BenQ Projector


Authentic Rec.709 Color Accuracy

Rec.709 is the international HDTV standard that guarantees cinematic colors the director intended. With the RGBRGB color wheel, W1700 achieves over 96% Rec.709 coverage, guaranteeing Delta E performance less than 3 to reproduce authentic colors of Hollywood films.

Rec. 709

Non-Rec. 709

Unparalleled Audiovisual Experience
CinemaMaster Video+ for Majestic Scenes

CinemaMaster™ Video+ turns any room into a world-class home theater with video-enhancing technologies sure to please even the most critical movie enthusiasts.

Pixel Enhancer

Pixel Enhancer is a motion-adaptive edge enhancement feature that detects changes in color between an object and its background to produce sharp edges and precise surface textures.



Color Enhancer

Color Enhancer modulates complex color algorithms to flawlessly render saturated colors, fine gradients, intermediate hues and subtle pigments.



Flesh Tone

The Flesh Tone feature prevents discoloration of skin tones from the light of the projection beam, portraying every skin tone in its most beautiful shade.

Rosy Skin Tones

Light Skin Tones

CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 for Massive Sound

Upgraded with dramatically wider frequency range from powerful 5-watt audio housed in a resonant sound chamber for deep bass and soaring highs, BenQ CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 audio-enhancing technology combines exclusive EQ algorithms for pure clarity and exotic materials such as magnesium and rubidium alloys to produce pure vocals, delicate details, and sensual sound quality as used by Hollywood studios, without distortion or noise.

Perfect Sound Modes to Fit Any Occasion

Custom-tuned sound modes adjust audio characteristics to deliver ideal audiovisual experiences for any type of entertainment, as if you were there live.

Cinema Mode

Immersive bass and high-frequency performance for authentic real-world cinema presence.

Sports Mode

Enhanced mid-frequency and vocals to jump into sports action without missing any detail from announcers.

Sports Mode

Music Mode

Smoothly balanced performance for immersive live reproduction of music and concerts.

Game Mode

Powerful bass and crisp highs to feel heart-pounding excitement of intense gameplay.

User Mode

EQ algorithms can be individually customized to maximize rich bass and crisp highs to immerse you in total entertainment.

Simple & Convenient Lifestyle Design

W1700’s lightweight design and sleek, compact profile accentuates beautiful aesthetics as well as intuitive functionality and eco-friendly design. A chic addition to your living room décor, W1700 makes your home simple and comfortable for immersing in movies with friends and family.

Power Saving and Long Lamp Life

An ingenious solution that intensifies your viewing pleasure while saving money, BenQ SmartEco™ technology automatically adjusts lamp brightness based on content to project richer blacks and increase contrast for image details. Economic Mode further extends projector lamp life up to 10,000 hours, minimizing lamp replacements and maintenance for an overall lower cost of ownership.

Auto Keystone for Easy Setup

Countering the trapezoid effect when the projector must be placed off-center, such as simple placement on top of a table, the vertical keystone function adjusts the image for a professionally squared image. Keystone correction makes it simple to project ideally aligned images from a variety of locations.

1.2X Zoom for Pictures in Any Space

Big zoom maximizes available space with a range of throw distances for big-screen entertainment without the hassle of complicated installation.

*Place the BenQ projector at the right distance to maximize visual enjoyment, key in the number and let the “Throw Distance Calculator” do the math for you.

Throw Distance Calculator

Set up to Enjoy a Full-Screen Cinematic Experience

In order to achieve a full-screen projection for your total viewing enjoyment, we strongly recommend setting up the projector by following the three instructions.


  • Using a projection screen in 16:9 with 4-side black masking. Make sure the projected image is fully expanded to make full usage of the display screen.


  • The suggested projected image size is at least 120” (approximately 3.9m).


  • Set the lamp mode to “SmartEco”.

    BenQ is the No.1 Bestselling DLP Projector Brand

    Digital Light Processing (DLP), awarded 2015 Academy Award of Merit (Oscar® statuette), is the leading projection technology used in 90% of world’s digital cinemas and 100% of IMAX theaters. With DLP dominating over 50% worldwide projector market share, BenQ is today the #1 bestselling DLP projector brand, delivering unmatched world-class performance.


    Main Specifications

    4K UHD (3840 x 2160)

    Brightness (ANSI lumens)

    2200 ANSI Lumens‎

    Contrast Ratio (FOFO)

    10,000:1 ‎


    5W x 1

    All Specifications
    Projection System



    4K UHD (3840 x 2160)

    Resolution Support

    VGA (640 x 480) to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)

    Brightness (ANSI lumens)

    2200 ANSI Lumens‎

    Contrast Ratio (FOFO)

    10,000:1 ‎

    Display Color

    30 Bits (1,07 billion color)

    Native Aspect Ratio

    Native 16:9 (6 aspect ratio selectable)

    Light Source


    Light Source Wattage


    Light Source Life

    Normal 4000 hours

    Economic 10000 hours

    SmartEco 8000 hours

    Throw Ratio

    1.47 - 1.76 (100" @ 3.25 m)

    Zoom Ratio



    F/# = 1.94 - 2.06, f = 15.57 - 18.67 mm

    Keystone Adjustment

    1D, Vertical ± 40 degrees 

    Projection Offset


    Clear Image Size (Diagonal)

    60" ~ 200" 

    Image Size


    Horizontal Frequency

    15K - 102KHz‎

    Vertical Scan Rate

    23 - 120Hz‎

    Picture Mode

    * ISF Disabled: Bright / Vivid / Cinema/ Sport/ User 1/ User 2

    ** ISF Enabled: Bright / Vivid / Cinema/ Sport/ User 1/ User 2/ ISF Night/ ISF Day

    Color Wheel Segment

    6-Seg. (RGBRGB)

    Rec.709 Coverage



    5W x 1

    PC (D-Sub)

    x 1


    2 (HDMI 1: 2.0 / HDCP 2.2 ; HDMI 2: 1.4a / HDCP 1.4)

    USB Type A

    1(2.0/Power Supply)

    USB (Type mini B)

    x 1

    Audio in (3.5mm Mini Jack)

    x 1

    Audio out (3.5mm Mini Jack)

    x 1

    RS232 (DB-9pin)

    x 1

    DC 12V Trigger (3.5mm Jack)

    x 1

    IR Receiver


    Security Bar


    Special Feature


    ISF Night/ Day


    CinemaMaster Video +


    CinemaMaster Audio+2


    HDTV Compatibility

    480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p

    3D Compatibility‎

    Frame Sequential: Up to 1280x720 120Hz

    Frame Packing: Up to 1080p 24Hz

    Side by Side: Up to 1080i 60Hz

    Top Bottom: Up to 1080p 24Hz

    Power Supply

    VAC 100 ~ 240 (50/60Hz)

    Typical Power Consumption


    Standby Power Consumption


    Acoustic Noise (Typ./Eco.)

    33/29dB (Silence Mode)

    Operating Temperature


    Dimension and Weight
    Dimensions (W x H x D)(mm)

    353 x 135 x 272 

    Net Weight (Kg/ lbs )

    4.2 kg / 9.2 lbs

    Accessories (Standard)

    Color carton

    Remote Control w/ Battery

    x 1 (RCV015)

    Power Cord (by region)

    x 1 (3m)

    User Manual CD

    x 1 (27L)

    Quick Start Guide

    x1 (21L)

    Warranty Card (by region)

    x 1

    Lens cover

    x 1

    Accessories (Optional)
    Spare Lamp Kit


    3D Glasses