Cary Audio has always supported playback of vinyl records, and today there is a revival of the LP as a serious format, both for audiophiles and for the general music public. The PH-302 MkII is a tube stereo phono preamplifier that offers inputs and selectable loading to match almost any moving-magnet or moving-coil phono cartridge. This will optimize the response, and provide high gain, to best match your cartridge.

The PH-302 MkII uses a fully regulated power supply and extensive shielding, to go along with carefully selected and matched parts and tubes to provide a very quiet background, exquisite sound quality, and wide dynamic range for getting the most out of every record. You’ll hear subtle shadings and exciting dynamic contrasts on all types of music. If you are serious about your vinyl music collection and your turntable, the PH-302 MkII should be part of your system.



Circuit Type Direct Coupled
Single-ended Class A
Gain MM – 38 dB using triode vacuum tubes
MC – 60 dB, using input transformers and triode vacuum tubes
Noise and Hum -78 dB below full output
Input Impedance MM – 47kΩ
MC – Selectable 10Ω, 43Ω, 100Ω, 330Ω, 470Ω
Output Impedance 660 Ohms
Frequency Response RIAA Curve + 0.5 dB, passive RIAA circuit design
Power Supply Design/ Power Transformer Fully Regulated Power Supply with 1 ea. – R-Core transformer,  200% Duty rating for long life and reserve energy
Vacuum Tube Complement 2 ea – 6SL7 Head Amp
2 ea – 6SL7 RIAA EQ & Amp Gain Stage and buffer
1 ea – 5AR4 Vacuum Tube Rectifier
Resistors 1% Metal Film
Power Supply Capacitors 6 ea – 47 µFd @ 350 VDC capacitors
AC Cord 3 Conductor, Detachable
AC Power Requirements 100, 117 or 234 Volts @ 50/60 Hz, set by market
Consumption 35 watts
Warm-Up Time 5 Minutes
Break-In Time 100 hours of playing time
Finish Black powder coated matte chassis with silver or black aluminum faceplate
Weight 9.98 kg / 22 lbs
Dimensions 10.16cm(4″) H x 43.18cm(17″) W x 33.02(13″) D