Chord Cadenza Reference stereo 1M XLR interconnect





“Really brought my system (and my music !) to life.”

The XLR terminated Cadenza Reference works just like the RCA version. It brings a sense of life and joy to the music played on the system it is connected to, bringing rhythms to life and making the most of dynamics and detail.

The heavy (for an interconnect) gauge silver-plated conductors are connected to the hot and cold silver-plated pins on the Neutrik XLRconnectors. The high density and highly effective shield completes theconnection and all the connections are made with a special silver solder.

The Cadenza XLR could be the perfect cable with which to give an existing system new life and detail and the chance to re-explore your music collection. It might also be the ideal partner for the latest generation of technologically advanced USB equipped CD players andDACs.

Listen to the Cadenza Reference XLR with:  Richard Shindell “Texas Rangers” from the album “South Of Delia”.

Hear: The bass line working with the bouzouki setting the rhythm.

Listen for. The lead guitar played by the amazing Richard Thompson.