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The PerfectWave CD/DVD Memory player is a ground breaking product that removes all digital sound limitations retrieving everything from your CD collection without any jitter or sonic loss.  The PWT plays both standard and high resolution audio and sends perfect digital audio data from its solid state memory directly to your DAC and then onto your loudspeakers.  It works differently than other CD players by first extracting music from the CD, then storing to an internal memory and playing from the memory instead of the disc.

The results are remarkable and deliver extraordinary performance by unlocking all the musical magic stored in your CD’s.

  • Memory player
  • Built in Boulder
  • Plays 192kHz 24 bit WAV files
  • Native I2S output
  • 4 digital asynchronous outputs
  • Built in Digital Lens
  • Color touch screen with album cover art
  • Fixed low jitter PerfectWave clocks