PSB M4U2 Noise Cancelling Headphones

PSB M4U2 Noise Cancelling Headphones



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Forty Years of Award -Winning Acoustic Design


PSB Speakers gets up close and personal with your hi-fi. We've taken our 40 years of bringing real sound to real people and packed it into our exciting new Music for You (M4U) series of high performance headphones. You’re listening to music more than ever before, but now you can do it in comfort and style with PSB’s true-to-nature sound quality. Our new headphones bring you so close to the music. It’s like the music is meant just for you.

Designed for people on the move.

On a train, on a plane, from your computer to your bedroom, PSB headphones are lightweight and ready to pack up anywhere you want to go. Fold ‘em up into the protective travel case and you’ll never be far from true hi-fi listening. We even added a thoughtful touch for your comfort—dual input connections on either side of the headphones means no more crossed wires. Just plug in the cable on the left or right and be within easy reach of a headphone jack no matter where it’s situated.

All of the music. None of the noise.

Sometimes you just want it to be just you and your music in your own personal space. Our M4U 2 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones don’t let anything come between you and enjoying your music. Thanks to PSB’s exclusive Room Feel™ technology, your music will sound so rich and natural you’ll think you’re listening to a set of high-end loudspeakers.

All of the music. Non-stop.

The M4U 2 model features three convenient modes of operation: Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Active Mode, and Passive Mode (without batteries). Listen all day and all night with 55 hours of run time in ANC or Active modes. When you’re out of batteries, switch to Passive Mode without missing a beat.

Ergonomically sound.

Listen longer in extra comfort. Our unique two-way adjustable ear pads are gyro-suspended for optimal ergonomics and supreme comfort. Super soft ear pads and light weight make the headphones “disappear”, leaving only rich, detailed sounds. The expandable headband also adjusts easily for a more customized fit.

Product Specification

Battery Life: Active Noise Cancelling ON - 60 Hours

Connection: 3.5mm stereo Jack (Left or Right)

Cables: Push Function and Monitor Function - 1.5m
    Monitor Cable only - 1.5m

Headband - Polycarbonate
Driver Enclosure - ABS and Polycarbonate
Earpads and Headpad Covering - Leatherette
Travel Case - EVA

Size: 200 x 200 x 70mm

Tri-mode - Active Mode with Noise Cancelling, Active Mode and Passive Mode (without batteries)
Dual input connection (left or right)
Efficient Active Electronics for long battery life
Comfort fit gyro-suspended replaceable ear pads
Easy folding for travel and storage
Convenient remote and stereo monitor controls with microphone for iPhone and Blackberry

Accessories Included:
Protective Travel Case
Extra ear pads
2 x 1.5m cables
1/8" to 1/4" Stereo plug adapter
Airline connection adapter
2 x AAA Batteries
Cleaning cloth