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Rega’s design philosophy extends further than ever before with advanced components built around our radical new plinth design. Featuring the brand new RB2000 tonearm, a ceramic flywheel effect platter and the custom RP10 power supply (allowing total control and accuracy over both motor vibration and speed performance) guarantee the highest level of performance from a Rega turntable to date.

Available with the option of the RP10’s perfect partner, the Rega Apheta moving coil cartridge factory fitted (recommended).


The Evolution of Revolution

Evolution is a well proven and documented process in many areas of our lives. This applies in particular to design engineers and machines. Over the past forty years our cars have become more reliable and economical whilst we take for granted the reliability and speed of modern aircraft. Rega is no exception to evolution. Rega’s experience and previous achievements allow us to continually develop and produce better products.


  • Handmade RB2000 tonearm, precision engineered bearing and aluminium sub platter
  • Ceramic oxide diamond cut flywheel platter
  • Fully adjustable RP10 dedicated power supply tuned to its own motor
  • Rega’s pioneering skeletal plinth design
  • The Apheta MC cartridge is available as factory fitted (optional)
  • Magnesium and phenolic bracing
  • RP10 Custom power supply
  • RB2000 Tonearm
  • Magnesium and Phenolic
  • Super flywheel effect ceramic platter
  • 24v Low noise motor
  • Skeletal plinth design with polyolefin foam core
  • De-coupled outer frame and dust cover