If you are looking for the professional karaoke mixing amplifier for your bar or club, look no further than Sonken SA-720R 950 Watts Professional Digital Mixing Amplifier.

Sonken SA-720RB is known for its quality and durability. This professional mixing amplifier was built to sustain continuous usage at maximum wattage output.  It is a perfect companion for DJs and KJs who are seeking for a reliable component that will carry them throughout the long night without the nightmare of equipment failure.

It is also equiped with led UV level display, which makes you sound quality control easier!



    * Audio Output: 475W+475W Output @ 8 Ohm
    * Microphone input sensitivity: 0<15mV
    * Frequency Band: 25Hz to 20kHz
    * Dimension: 500mm(W) x 220mm(H) x 520mm(D)
    * Electricity consumption: 550W
    * Ultra Quiet Cooling Fan
    * Weight: 28 Kg


    * 5 x 1/4" Microphone Inputs ( two at rear )
    * Input Signal Attenuators
    * Auto-gain level indicators
    * Individual Microphone Volume Control
    * Individual Balance Control
    * Individual Echo Depth Control
    * Individual Bass/Mid-range/Treble Volume Control

Volume Control

    * Microphone Master Volume Control
    * Music Master Volume Control

Echo Control

    * Depth control
    * Bass control
    * Treble control
    * Repeat control
    * delay time control

Music Control

    * A/B Input Selector from 2 Audio Sources
    * Balance control
    * Bass/Mid/Treble control
    * 11 Step Digital Key Control

Full Function Remote Control

    * Key Control: Normal, Low, High
    * Microphone Volume Control
    * Input Selector
    * Master Music Volume Control